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Wise Words by Lavish: Photography


Couples spend month after month planning the perfect wedding and before they know it, it’s over in a flash.  How time flies!  So much of the wedding day will be fleeting so you owe it to yourself to capture every single beautiful moment with every single person you love.  Here’s our best advice to you to make sure your photographer can easily capture those essential details you worked so hard on.


Photo: Shewanders Photography

  • Create a Timeline for the Bridal Party & Family so they know where photos will take place & time.  

*Lavish will create this for you!…with extra copies to hand out during rehearsal.

  • Maximize Cocktail Hour & Reception time, by doing a “First Look” + Bridal Party & Family Photos before Ceremony.
  • OR take photos separately.  Groom with Parents, Groom with Groomsmen, Bride with Parents, Bride with Bridesmaids, etc. 

Often, there is not enough time between Ceremony & Reception so the more photos you do before, the better!  

AND if you take care of this prior to the Ceremony, no one will get distracted by your lovely guests.

PLUS most churches offer a limited amount of time (usually 30 minutes) to take photos after Ceremony.

  • Have your Officiant announce after the Ceremony to have the family stick around for Photos while everyone else proceeds to Cocktail Hour.
  • Discuss a Suggested Shot List with your Photographer.  


Wedding Party: Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen

Bridal Party: Bride, Bridesmaids

Groom & Groomsmen

Parents: Bride, Groom, Father & Mother of the Bride, Father & Mother of the Groom

Bride’s Immediate Family: Bride, Groom, Father & Mother of the Bride, Siblings

Bride’s Extended Family: Bride, Groom, Father & Mother of the Bride, Siblings,

Grandparents, In Laws

Bride & Siblings

Groom’s Immediate Family: Bride, Groom, Father & Mother of the Groom, Siblings

Groom’s Extended Family: Bride, Groom, Father & Mother of the Groom, Siblings,

Grandparents, In Laws

Groom & Siblings

  • Trust your photographer!  

Don’t provide a list that’s too out of control.  Trust in their artistry.  From experience, they will be aware of the best shots to get BUT if you have something sentimental or important to you that you would like photographed, be sure to let them know.

  • Coordinate with your Wedding Planner & a family member to help execute day of. 

It is always helpful to have someone there that is familiar with the guests so they can assist in making sure everyone is there for scheduled photos.

  • Have your jewelry, shoes and any other accessories you would like photographed ready.

Make sure to also bring a copy of your Wedding Invitation so they can snap that too!

  • Give powder and lipstick to one of your bridesmaids for touchups throughout the day.


Photo: Aubree Lynn Photography


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