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How To Throw An Eco-Friendly Wedding



Let’s face it, will all the excitement and stress that goes in to planning your wedding, the environment is probably the last thing on your mind. While that might be the case, it’s important to remember that just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean the world isn’t facing serious environmental and social issues.

Luckily, many brides and grooms are becoming more mindful of this fact, and “Green” Weddings (or, globally friendly weddings) are on the rise. If you’re worried that throwing an eco-conscious event might seriously stunt your wedding potential, don’t be. Vendors across the country are making effort to go green, so we promise Green Weddings are just as beautiful as they are commendable.

We at Lavish Wed have recently gone paperless, and we are continuing to strive to reduce our global impact by being more environmentally conscious, so we thought we would share some of the things we’ve learned with you!

If you’re interested showing the planet some love on the same day you officialize your love, here are some tips for how to turn your big day into a big, green day.

Pick a Venue That is Naturally Beautiful

You’re already on the lookout for beautiful venues, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Picking a venue that has a lot of natural character can really reduce the amount of decoration you are using. This means that you are wasting less materials and resources, both in the production aspect as well as the accumulation of garbage. An added bonus is that while you are reducing your resource intake, you are also saving yourself some $$!

Opt for E-vitations or Invitations Made from Recycled Paper

Every wedding, whether it’s a 400 person celebration or a quiet elopement, uses some sort of announcement. While these are exciting and romantic, they unfortunately waste a lot of paper, which means killing some trees L. To combat this, you should opt for electronic invitations, or invitations made from made from recycled paper.

If you’re freaking out because you think these are going to look tacky, relax. There are many companies who are passionate about the green revolution, so your invitations will be just as beautiful as they would be if you used regular paper.

For local, recycled invitations, we suggest Take Note! Creations. ( Lindsay has many 100% post consumer stock options, and uses companies that are extremely eco-conscious. Plus her stuff is amazing. For E-vitations, we suggest ( Their invitations are elegant and creative, plus they open online as if you were opening it in person (they have an envelope and everything!).

 Go With an Organic Caterer That Uses Local Products

Though these caterers tend to be a bit more expensive (due to the fact that organic agriculture is more costly to maintain) using a caterer that is mindful of the ingredients they use can really make a difference.

Using local, organic products insures that:

  •    No pesticides were used in the production of the food you will eat, which are harmful not only to you, but to farmworkers, local ecosystems, and the environment.
  •  You are stimulating the local economy by spending money locally and encouraging the growth of local business and agriculture.  If your caterer is mindful of using free trade products, you can be assured that all those who participated in the production of your wedding meal were justly treated and compensated for their work.
  •  You are reducing transport costs, gas, oil, and carbon emissions. Plus you are assuring that you are using sustainable practices and products.

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Choose an Organic Florist and Go with Flowers that are in Season

We don’t want to bog you down with repetition, so choosing an organic florist is backed by the same logic as going organic with your caterer (see above for effectiveness).

Choosing flowers that are organic, fair trade, and in season will:

  •  Reduce transport resources related to shipping flowers in from other parts of the world.
  •  Reduce the use of pesticides. The standards that define what is “organic” differ from country to country, so organic flowers shipped from Mexico or South America may not adhere to the same standards as in the United States. Meaning, organic flowers from other countries may still contain pesticides.
  •  Assure that the gardeners were paid fairly and treated humanely.

Furthermore using flowers that are in season and LOCAL assure that you are not wasting water. California is facing a serious drought at the moment, so this is something important to keep in mind!


Avoid Using Disposable Dishware, or Go with Dishware that is 100% Biodegradable

Again, this will help decrease your use of wasteful resources like plastic. Green Planet Parties has some amazing options, you can find them here:

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Reconsider your Party Favors

To be completely honest, usually the only people who are excited about the party favors are the bride and groom themselves (with the exception of any kids at the wedding, in the case of bubbles). Though you may love your little metal paperweight with your wedding date, your guests will most likely end up either forgetting it at the wedding or (sorry!) throwing it away soon after. It’s not that they don’t love you, it’s just usually people don’t have a lot of use for these things. Because of this, unfortunately, your favors are pretty wasteful.

To solve this issue, we suggest either using eco-friendly favors and/or favors that your guests can actually use after the wedding. The Knot has tons of ideas for usable party favors, from chapstick to shot glasses, which ensure that your guests will be able to integrate the favors you provided in their everyday life. The Knot also has eco-friendly wedding gift options, so you can be confident that you’re leaving a smaller global footprint.

While these options are awesome, an idea that we think is even better is one we got from Better Homes and Gardens. Instead of wasting money and resources on favors in general, use the money you would be spending on favors to make donations to a charity of your choice in your guests’ name. We think this is such a great option, because you will reduce your global impact and make a positive impact in your community at the same time! Plus, we promise your guests will be impressed.


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